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The Down Syndrome Trust (DoST)

The Word “Dosth” in Hindi language means "friend" and DoST is the friend of children with Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Trust was registered on October 27th 2000 and a ‘Support group’, for parents and care takers of persons with Down syndrome, was formally inaugurated on November 17th 2000. The Support Group meets regularly on the second Sunday at 3.30pm at Baby Memorial Hospital auditorium and all those who are interested are welcome to the meeting.

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The app is intended mainly for doctors treating patients with Down syndrome in Kerala, India - and who are willing to contribute to the Down Syndrome Registry project. It also contains general information about Down Syndrome and the Trust.

Knowledge Area

What is Down syndrome?

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When was this condition first described?

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Why is Down syndrome referred to as a genetic condition?

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What causes Down syndrome?

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How do these children look like?

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Are there any associated problems

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What are their positive attributes

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What should be done at birth

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What can be done for these children

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Can this be diagnosed before birth

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World Down Syndrome Day

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“ Many diseases/conditions cannot be cured, but definitely they can be effectively managed to provide people with those conditions a better tomorrow in an inclusive society ”

Dr.Shaji Thomas John

DoST Support Group

The 'DoST Support Group' was started in the year 2000. This group is meant for parents and caretakers of persons with Down syndrome. The Group meets very regularly on the Second Sunday of every month from 3.30 pm to 5 pm at the auditorium of Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut.

President : Vijayan Payyakkal
Secretary : Nazar Babu A

Facebook Group

Facebook Group

446 Members And Counting...

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This group is for the parents, caretakers, supporters and well-wishers of persons with Down syndrome. All interested persons anywhere around the world are welcome. We wish to share ideas, disseminate information and work for the betterment of persons with Down syndrome

Trust Members

Dr.Shaji Thomas John



Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut

Dr.Reggie Sam John

Birmingham, UK


The Nedumparambill Bankers

Jose Joseph

Josco Rubbers, Calicut

Nithyananda Kamath

Ace Group of Companies

Rafi Devassy

Puthur Enterprises


Rotary Calicut Central


Address for Communication

The Down Syndrome Trust (DoST)
Reg. No. 377/2000/IV
6/107 A, Kannur Road Nadakkavu Post,
Calicut - 673 011


Ph : 9447218400